Thursday, 21 August 2014

It's A Disease


(Warning: this post includes some serious cheese, and 'inspirational' quotes... I'm feeling particularly sentimental right now...) 

Earlier today, my dad was talking about his recent trip to Alaska he took to fish. He said, 'Fishing isn't a hobby unfortunately, it's a disease,' and it was one of the rare occasions where I actually agreed with him wholeheartedly about something. Obviously I don't have strong opinions on salmon or anything, but it did make me think. I was really glad he came out with that metaphor; it sparked something in me.

I hate to admit it, but I've been in a bit of a writing slump recently. At the beginning of the summer I had grand plans to start editing a full length piece of writing, but sadly I've had little success. I had a burst of inspiration thanks to a work shop or two, and some kind words, but other than that my attempts have been fruitless. I don't know what my issue's been. 

It could be my lack of time: I have actually been abnormally social this summer, so have been enjoying the time I have with friends. 

It could simply be lack of ideas: I might just be brain dead and have block... which would suck. Alot.

Or it could be fear: Fear of things being bad. Fear of being disappointed in myself or disappointing other people. 

What I can say though, is it's not a lack of motivation. Some might argue that if I really was that motivated, I would find time and ideas and not be scared about something so small. But there has been so many times when I've tried to write but nothing has transferred onto the page. When I've tried to plan but my mind's been a big empty space. It's very annoying, but today I realized something thanks to my father spouting random poetry. 

As cliche as it sounds, writing is kind of like a disease to me. Even when I've pointlessly felt like I'll never write another good word in my life, the stories haven't left my mind. I still think about the characters, and even when I listen to certain songs they remind me of plots. I haven't lost enthusiasm for any of the worlds I've created and it's still one of the things I love most in the world (except cats, cats always win...) and I know that one day I'll sit down to write and snap out of it. The words will come like they used to. Hopefully.

I know I'm not special. I know this is probably just a stupid case of writer's block. Or laziness. Or or lack of time, heightened fear. But from now on, I really need to push myself in the right direction, and get some damn words written. Power through it, rather than sitting on my arse and wishing. Otherwise I'll never forgive myself. 

Is anyone in a similar situation? Do you have ways to get out of a writing slump? Let me know!


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