Sunday, 22 June 2014

Zoella, Youtube and Books


[I've deleted my Alex Day post after hearing that his book got dropped by the publishers - rightly so. However, I feel congratulations is in order to another Youtuber; this time it's Zoe Sugg or Zoella.]

I've been watching Zoe for a long time now. If you don't know of her - she's a Youtuber who recently hit 5,000,000 subscribers on her beauty and lifestyle channel. Recently she's attended various international Youtube gatherings, appeared on live TV and also landed a book deal.

Some may have sighed when they heard of this news through Twitter or Youtube (ugh, another Youtuber getting a book deal, she's not a writer.) However, I'm extremely happy and proud of Zoe. When she mentioned in a video a while back that she wrote a fiction book as a teenager, my ears instantly pricked up. I could definitely relate to her and respected her even more knowing she had the dedication to finish a full blown novel. My happiness for her only increased when she announced she'd been approached by a publisher to publish another fictional venture. Girl Online is due for release on November 25th. 

Girl Online's release excites me no end. Feeling as though I know Zoe well (at least in an internet sense) since I started watching her videos a while ago now, it'll be really interesting to delve into her writing voice, having heard her blogging one. Seeing Zoe so excited and passionate about books, has reignited my passion for them after my exam hiatus. Again, the characters sound very relatable and I'm sure it'll be a great source for teenagers to find advice about growing up. Using her experiences with anxiety and blogging I think will help the book to ring true to people in a similar situation. 

Zoe has become an inspirational role model to many of her viewers. Seeing her so passionate about her book's release inspires me too. I have high expectations, and I have no doubt that it'll be an amazing read. Congratulations Zoe.


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